10 Signs To Detect Someone Is Lying

It is well said “Honesty is the best policy” but not everyone posses it. Every person lies once in their life no matter what may be the reason behind it. Some people lie to save somebody while some lie to cheat others, some lie to simply do a prank with their friends. But how hard someone trying to hide the truth, it will come out one day. That’s why it is saying ” It is better to tell one truth instead of telling 100 lies”.

So here we are discussing some body language which helps you to detect whether a person is lying or not.

1) Face and body become stiffer

It is a common sign when someone is lying to you, their face and body becomes tight. They stand still. In normal conversation, we move our body around but if you observe someone staying at one place then something went wrong with him.

2) Hand to face touching increases

When someone lying, their hand automatically cover their mouth while answering. Hand to face touch movement increases. While some put their hand over the lips, it means they are trying to hide something.

3) Eye contact breaks

A person who is telling lie breaks eye contact or close their eyes for more than a second. They usually dart back and forth their eye when they feel uncomfortable. Normally we blink our eye once every 10 or 12 seconds but a lying person blinks 5 or 6 6imes in rapid succession.

4) Heart rate increases

When a person is lying to someone then they begin to breathe heavily, their heart rate increases due to the pressure of lying. They raise their shoulder and their voice gets shallow, unclear and cracked.

5) Repetition of words

They are not confident in their answer and try to convince you by repeating words or phrases. By repeating words again and again they are trying to make sure that they are telling the truth. They try to elaborate story to create trust on them.

6) Shuffling their feet

If a person shuffling their feet during a conversation, they are lying to you. It is the sign of nervousness and they are uncomfortable with the situation. It shows that they try to move from the scenario.

7) Change head position quickly

You often notice that a person change their head movement while asking a question such as sudden jerk or tilt. If a person shakes their head while saying something it means they are not confident in their statement. This may usually happen when asked a direct question.

8) Provide too much information

When someone provides excessive information or detail about any incident then it means they are trying to hide something and there are not telling you the truth. They talk a lot about that topic and try to convince you that everything is all right.

9) Excessive sweating

Sweat is a natural stress response. It happens because of the adrenalin rush from nervousness. People sweat when they lie. You can usually notice people wiping sweat from their forehead during a talk.

10) Delay in answering

A lying person finds it hard to speak. They delay to answer and not able to give you the right information. They found difficulty in speaking due to pressure beacuse salivary flow decreases during a stressful time.

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