10 Websites That Makes Your Life More Smarter

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As we all know that the use of the internet is increasing day by day and self-learning has become more popular as the amount of information available on the internet is increasing. You can learn new things from anytime, anywhere. Today the most successful people, they all have one thing in common that they are continually learning. Continuously expanding your mind is the key to success.

Here we are discussing some websites which make your life easier and smarter.

1) Code School

It is a learning destination. It provides most popular courses with the latest technology and allows you to learn new programming skills. It offers over 60 courses on various programming languages. Code school also offers a professionally organized list of content that helps you to explore how different technology work together.


It is the world’s largest web developer site with tutorials and references on web development languages such as CSS, PHP, JavaScript, SQL etc. W3schools provides simplified examples and basic understanding. By using online editor, you can edit examples and execute computer code experimentally.

3) CreativeLive

If you are creative and interested in art and music then this website is very useful for you. CreativeLive  provides free live online workshop which is taught by world-class experts. By joining their workshop you can learn photography, photoshop, software design, art and craft, music etc.

4) Brain Pump

By using this website you can learn about different topics such as technology, chemistry, space, physics, game design, psychology, math, lifehack etc. Brainpump provides interesting information about every topic. You can also contribute there if you have any topic to share.

5) MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OCW provides 24000 MIT courses that can help you to increase your knowledge. Whether you are a student or simply curious person, you will find a wealth of inspiration from MIT OpenCourseWare. There is no sign-up, no enrollment, browse freely and all its courses are free to use. Many courses also have video lectures and free online textbooks. Some popular courses include Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Programming Languages, Linear Algebra etc.

6) Coursera

Coursera provide universal access to the world’s top universities and organization to offer courses online. Each course is like an interactive textbook. It connects you with other learners, gives debate ideas in order to get help mastering concepts. It gives official recognition to your work by providing you with a certificate.

7) Biography

If you are interested in learning more about famous people then Biography is the best option for you. Every life has a story and Biography captures the most surprising and fascinating stories about people. You can learn more about the history and lives of the world’s most influential leaders.

8) Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding provides free fitness programs by the world’s best trainers. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, boost strength, they have the perfect program for you which is designed by top trainers and fitness expert. Their plan includes videos, daily workouts, nutrition information and much more.

9) Udacity

Udacity focuses on giving such an education to people around the world which help them to start an amazing career in Data Science, Machine Learning, Android, iOS and much more with detailed, easy to understand lectures. They mainly focus on practical knowledge. Get individual attention from mentors. Free access to courses developed by industry leaders.

10) Highbrow

Learn something new daily by spending 5 minutes, that is what Highbrow ask from you. They delivered 5-minute lessons to your inbox daily on the topic you choose. And if you want to share knowledge, you can also deliver your content to them. These makes it easy to promote a product or build your brand.

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