5 Top Advises For Writing A Great Blog Post

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Writing a blog is very critical matter. No matter how good you are in internet marketing, there should be a reason for others to read your content. If you have poor writing skills, you can’t create an impact on others.To improve the popularity of your blog you need not only patience, creativity but also a good writing skill. To be a successful blogger you need to give more emphasis on your writing skills. Here we are discussing some tips to improve your blog post.

1) Get an idea

We cannot just pick up a topic and write about it. In order to make your content appreciable, you need to have enough knowledge about it. Do more and more research about your topic. Be original and write the content in your own language. You can take ideas from other websites but don’t copy the content if you write original content then your search engine will help your site to get more exposure.

2) Strong headline

The headline is as important as the article or post itself. Your title must be unique and eye catching and provide a clear idea about the post.Your headline is an advertisement for your content. Use specific number and data in your headline because numbers are easily remembered by our brain, for example instead of writing seven tips, you can write 7 tips.

3) Proofreading

No matter how many times you read a post you have written, you always miss something. There are many options for automated proofreading services. One of such service is Grammarly. It is a service that not only checks grammar and spelling mistakes but also helps to correct them. It checks for a spelling error, grammar, vocabulary used and any punctuation error you may have made. If you make mistake, it will underline where the mistake was made and on the right side, it shows you the possible corrections. Not everyone affords to hire an assistant to reread and check out work for errors, making Grammarly an affordable alternative.

4) Keep your paragraphs short

Keep your paragraphs short as long paragraphs is going to bore your reader. Give valuable information to your reader, don’t write out of your topic. The best content gives the user a sense of how to apply the information. Keep the writing clean with the sufficient gap in the paragraphs.

5) Adding images and video

We already know people have different learning skills, some learn by seeing while other by hearing. So whatever you writing about, add pictures as it can help to reflect your point. Your image should be relevant to the context. You should resize the image before uploading in order to ensure that it should not hamper your blog’s loading time.

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