5 Top Android Apps To Control Your Computer Remotely

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Your home computer is the perfect machine which holds every important file, images, videos etc that you can access anytime. But sometimes, it’s not possible to take your computer always with you. So what can you do if you want to access your computer even when you are not in front of it? Yes, we are talking here about to remotely access your PC. Managing your own computer or troubleshooting a family member’s PC even when you are far away is now becoming easy. Remote control apps help to remotely access and securely control your desktop. Such apps are very helpful when you can’t access your system in personal.

So here we are discussing top 5 mobile apps by which you can easily access your system remotely.

1) TeamViewer

TeamViewer provides fast and secure access to a computer and mobile devices. If you are looking for a multi-platform solution then it is the best option. It helps you to access any system remotely and online customer support or servers across different platform. It comes with a number of attractive features. It supports all major platforms including Windows, Linux, Android, BlackBerry OS, Crome OS. It also offers chat and VoIP features for making calls, meetings, and conferences. It can easily transfer files with speed up to 200 MB/s between two remote devices.

2) VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer is another remote control app that gives you instant remote access to your computer from anywhere using your mobile. It also comes with various awesome features as it provides backup and sync connection details using RealVNC’s cloud account. It Supports Bluetooth keyboards for easy access. It offers multiple authentication schemes that prevent from unauthorized access. It offers services for almost every operating system i.e Windows, Linux, Android, and Chrome etc.

3) Microsoft Remote Desktop

It is the best tool to work remotely on a Window system using mobile. You only need to install Remote Desktop Assistant and it does all for you. There is no need to install any software for it. It is the best choice for window PC only. But it lacks other features such as file transfer, chat, voice call etc. Using Remote Desktop Gateway you can access remote resources like printers, scanner etc. It provides secure connection and high-quality audio and video support.

4) Chrome Remote Desktop

It is the only multi-platform tool that’s freely available for commercial use. It support Windows, Mac Os, and Linux easily. It can able to set up screen sharing and remote assistance. It supports functional copy-paste for Windows. But it does not support file transfer for any platform. It manages connection details at a single place. Provide one-time authentication code to get access. It is the unique option for any Chrome user.

5) Splashtop2

It is a secure remote control app which provides full access to multimedia files, applications, games, file transfer on the remote computer through mobile. Splashtop is the best option for a local network solution. But it connects to Windows and Mac Os only. It does not support Linux OS. It provides strong encryption including multi-level passwords, audit trails etc. You can easily set up a connection using Splashtop Streamer on the remote computer.

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