8 Top Advises To Stay Happy In Life


We all want to be happy in life. Happiness cannot be earned or consumed, it is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. It is not something you postpone for the future, it is something you design for the present. It is a feeling of enjoying your life. Happiness comes in many forms. It differs from person to person. So if you want to have a happy life, remember these 8 things all the time.

1) Be kind to yourself.

Sometimes you did something in the past that you are not proud of or you missed a great opportunity because you got scared or can’t able to achieve what you wanted. Don’t get angry at yourself, you need to show kindness for yourself, stop blaming and forgive yourself. Learn from what happened and keep going on the right path and give an another chance to yourself.

2) Control your words.

You can’t stay happy with yourself when you have uttered unkind words to either your loved one or a stranger. Think thousand times before speak when you are in anger. Before speaking ask these three questions to yourself: Is it correct, is it necessary and is it kind. Don’t speak such words that hurt others.

3) Let go of expectations.

Don’t expect things to happen as you like or don’t force others to behave according to your expectations because expectations always hurt. Let things to happen in a certain way. Limit your expectations and stay happy.

4) Stop comparing.

Most of us always trying to compare ourselves to others. We always compare our worst with their best. Life is not a competition. Everyone have a different lifestyle. Stay happy with what you have. Stop comparing and remember that nobody is perfect.

5) Let go of yesterday and tomorrow.

Most of us feel sad by thinking about yesterday or feel fear by thinking of future. But there are two days in every week about which we should not worry, i.e. yesterday and tomorrow because all the money in the world cannot bring back yesterday and tomorrow is also beyond our immediate control. It is a great saying: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift”. So live in present and decide where you want to go in life, create new habits, surprise yourself.  Remember your present makes your future better.

6) Let go of the fear of failure.

It is impossible to go through life without experiencing some kind of failure. It doesn’t mean we are broken, but it gives us another chance to feel the taste of success. Do not get afraid of it, face it and be strong. Learn from failure and use it to achieve your goal.

7) Let go of negativity.

Sometimes life gets us down and we started to think negative. Negativity is a toxic energy which has caused destruction to your life and others too. So let your negative thinking and stay positive. Think about the people who you feel the best around and with whom you can fully express yourself.

8) Appreciate yourself.

Many people have a problem with knowing themselves. Appreciate what you have already and what you have achieved. Write down your positive qualities and see how many great qualities you contribute to the world. Maintain a positive attitude and stay true to yourself. Appreciate yourself when you forgive people when they make mistakes, even if sometimes it’s hard. Appreciate yourself when you help others.

So, you don’t wait for the future to be happy. There are so many things in the world and so much happiness just waiting for you, if only you care enough to look.

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