How To Earn Money Through Blogging

make money

Are you want to make money?

Of course, everyone wants and need money. You have heard about make money through blogging but how is it possible? If you already have a blog, and you are exploring ways to monetize it then, the following ways will help you to make profit with your blog

1) Make Review

Many blogs to make money, publish reviews of their favorite products or services. The review can be anything from a favorite website to a favorite book or even a favorite beauty products. If you build a good blog then definitely you will enjoy the opportunity to review that can help to earn revenue through direct sales. Before publishing your review about any product use it by yourselves, it will help you to give a review from your own perspective. You need to be honest before writing a review so that you will get positive response from visitors and it does not affect any brand or company you are connected with.

2) Use Google AdSense

You can create revenue by allowing advertisements on your blog. Google AdSense provide this opportunity for small, medium and large websites that places ads on your blog that is relevant to the content of your site and you get paid a small amount in return for either displayed ad on your page or clicked on. It is the way through which you can boost your bottom line every month.

3) Affiliated Marketing

It is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to earn income from your blog as you don’t have to create any product   by yourself. You will be rewarded when you help business by promoting their product or service. When you join an affiliate program, choose the product you want to sell and the seller provide an affiliated code which you can use to refer traffic to the targeted site. When the interested visitors visits your site and click on the link, they are redirected to the product site, and if they purchase a product or subscribe any service, you got a commission as a referrer.

4) Earn money through refer a friend

What do you do when you are reading a book or starting using beauty products, you started talking about it, right? There are many companies that can give credit, bonus or cash when you are referring their products to others. It doesn’t mean you are promoting anything; it’s the only way to earn something while recommending any product to others. Using these many bloggers make a living. Lyft, Uber, Airbnb, Chase, Verizon, Google App, etc.  are some of the companies that provide such services.

5) Use banner ad

While surfing on the internet, you have seen a small rectangular advertisements appear on all sorts of web pages that vary in appearance, and when you click on it, your browser will take you to the advertiser’s websites. These are called banner ad. The banner ad comes in a variety of shapes and size. Most of the banner network set a minimum monthly traffic amount while some big banner requires publishers to have high number of visitors in a month.

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