How To Keep Domain Name Safe From Hijacking


Domain name is your unique identity on the internet. Your domain name gives the first opinion about your site. Several thousand domain names get stolen every day and domain hijacking was increasing day by day. Domain hijacking is the act where a registered domain name is misused or stolen from the rightful name holder. Domain name is your brand identity and in order to keep it safe from hackers, you need to take protective measures. Here we are discussing some easy ways by which you can protect your domain name against theft.

1) Choose a registrar wisely

Buy your domain name from the trustworthy registrar. While choosing a domain registrar you must look for a company that offers quality services and support beyond price. Look for the registrar that will provide you with minimum registration and transfer services and provide you technical support of 24 x7. They also have the system to notify you of registration record changes and transfer request. Ensure that domain is not transferred without your knowledge. You must ensure that the registrar has additional security measures like two-step authentication. GoDaddy is world’s no.1 domain registrar.

2) Keep your information updated

Keep your information such as address, phone number or e-mail update. whenever you change any of your information, you must let your registrar know. You may also update your emergency and business contact information so that in any suspicious activity, your registrar will be able to contact you.

3) Secure your email account

E-mail is the primary way of communication on the internet and keeping it secure is key to keeping your domain name safe. Always use a secure email address. Create your password using a complex series of numbers, letters, and symbols. Change it frequently and do not share it with anyone. As you occasionally get emails from your domain registrar. Don’t click on the link in your email directly because sometimes domain hijackers will try to send you a phishing email with links. So always type your registrar’s address directly into the address bar.

4) Lock your domain name

In order to prevent unauthorized transfer of your domain to another registrar, lock your domain name within your account and this makes it impossible to alter your information without your consent. For this, you can add protected registration for your domain for extra safeguard.

5) Change your password periodically

It’s hard to remember a bunch of different passwords but it is the safe way not to use the same password on the internet. By doing this you can decrease the chances of your domain being stolen. It is good to create a highly secured password and change this password after some time. Never use common names, birth dates or year as a password as hackers will easily guess these.

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