How To Protect WhatsApp Account From Being Hacked

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging app using worldwide by millions of people. It becomes a part of everyone’s life because of its easy and instant messaging feature which allows staying connected with relatives and friends easily. Not only text messages but it allows to share images, videos, audio, and even locations. Because of its popularity, the safety and security are also very important and any hacker with good knowledge can easily hack your account.

So here we are providing some ways by which you can protect your WhatsApp account from hacking.

1) Don’t Share OTP SMS

As you can able to use WhatsApp messenger only when you confirm your number through OTP SMS. Hackers can easily get this SMS messages through spyware apps. So don’t share this OTP message to anyone. Install good antivirus on your mobile. Turn off notification for SMS on your lock screen and always use app lock in your SMS app. Lock your phone from pin or pattern lock.

2) Whatsapp Call

A hacker can easily hack your account by WhatsApp call. Either they are your friend or enemy, they can do this very easily just in 15 seconds. So always use incoming call lock on your phone so that no one can receive your incoming call without your permission.

3) IMEI Number

Do not give your device to unknown for use as if they see your IMEI number on the phone, they easily get accessed to your phone. Whatsapp account is also associated with IMEI number, so whenever anyone changes their device, WhatsApp sends the notification to re-verify your account.

4) Controlling Your Phone

Teamviewer Quick support and Airdroid are the two software that can move your phone screen to other computer or phone. If the hacker knows right method and app they can control your phone easily. To prevent your phone, enable pattern lock on your Android phone and look for any suspicious app in your android phone.

5) Whatsapp Web

Using WhatsApp through the web is a new feature that people are using nowadays in which you can access your WhatsApp account through a computer. You only need to scan QR code from your mobile. But a hacker can easily access your mobile by connecting your WhatsApp messanger to the WhatsApp web by scanning QR code anyone can easily send or read your message if they are on the same network. So always logged out while you are using this feature.

6) Avoid Using Less Secure Wi-Fi

Avoid using WhatsApp when you are using less known Wi-Fi service because WhatsApp does not have a secure server and hackers can easily get accessed to your account in less secured Wi-Fi. Moreover, if you are using it in public Wi-Fi connection then it’s better to delete all your previous conversation so that it will help to prevent data from being accessible to anyone else.

7) Do Not Install From Unknown Sources

Block all the installation from unknown sources and avoid downloading any unverified app on your device as the internet is full of spy and parental Android apps. Check your mobile for suspicious apps or you can also use permission manager apps on your phone.

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