Top 10 Acts Of Body Language To Avoid

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Body language is a key skill of nonverbal communication. It can tell a lot about how a person feels. It is a way of expressing emotions when words don’t work and help to evaluate the interest of people. Negative body language is a conscious or an unconscious expression of negative feelings through the movement of the body. Here we discuss some negative body language signs and ways to avoid them.

1) Holding objects in front of your body

Holding objects such as a coffee cup, a handbag or a notebook in front of your body indicates shyness and resistance such that you are hiding behind these objects in order to separate you from others. So instead of holding them in front of you, if possible hold them at your side.

2) Checking the time

While talking to someone, trying to look at the watch is the sign of disinterest and impatience. It can be seen disrespectful and it indicates that you are in hurry or you have the better thing to do than listening to the person you are with. So never glance the time when you are speaking with someone.

3) Avoiding eye contact

It is one of the main components of nonverbal communication. This makes it look like that you are hiding something. It shows the lack of confidence and interest. Stained eye contact shows leadership, strength, confidence and intelligence.

4) Crossed arms

It is a sign of defensive posture and disinterest. It is a barrier between you and the person you are talking with. If you want people to see you as open-minded and interested in what they have to say then always keep your arms open and at your side.

5) Poor posture

How we feel affects how we stand. In order to be confident, you must stand tall, with your shoulders and ears aligned and legs slightly apart. Your posture delivering a clear message about how you should be treated.

6) Touching your face during a conversation

Face touching, especially on the nose, shows a sign of deception, people think you are lying something to them. Always keep your hands away from your face when you are speaking to someone.

7) Scratching at the backside of your head and neck

It is a sign of doubtfulness and uncertainty. Keep your hand away from your neck and head while doing conversation.

8) Increasing your rate of blinking

It is a clear sign of anxiety, some people start blinking their eyes really fast when they feel nervous. They feel nervous especially when someone is looking at them from a close proximity.

9) Weak handshake

Your handshake should be firm but not overbearing. It should be palm to palm contact, lock thumps and apply an equal amount of pressure.

10) Inconsistency

Inconsistency in your word and your facial expression causes people to think that something is wrong and you are trying to hide something from them. Always try to speak consistently and be confident to your words and always keep a smile on your face while talking as it shows your interest in a conversation.

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