Top 10 Advises To Overcome Anger


Anger is a normal and even healthy emotion, but it’s important to deal with it in a positive way otherwise it can affect both your health and relationship. If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow. You became angry when you are frustrated, unhappy or someone hurts your feelings. Anger never helps anyone. It wastes your energy and even causes you to miss opportunities.

So here are some tips which help you to overcome anger.

1) Try to identify the reason for your anger. What makes you angry? when you identified the reason you can easily begin the process of dealing with it.

2) Accept the fact that most things in the world are out of your control. You can’t force anyone to act according to your choice, if you do that continuously you will find the result of frustrating.

3) Try to be more patient. Losing patience hurts not only us but also people around us. It can raise our stress level and cause physical harm to our bodies. React calmly and peacefully in every situation.

4) Physical activity can help to reduce the stress that can cause you to become angry. If you get angry, go for a small walk or run, it will refresh your mood or do some enjoyable physical activities.

5) Always think and maintain a positive attitude. Don’t take everything too seriously. Positivity helps you to decrease negative thoughts. Laugh as more as you can.

6) Breath deeply and slowly several times when you feel anger arising in you. In addition to it, count slowly from one to ten. This will delay you anger reaction and weaken it.

7) If your anger is increasing day by day, you may also consult a therapist. They can suggest you relaxation techniques to use in situations that make you feel angry.

8) Whenever you are getting angry, think of some happy places you have visited or think of some happy and enjoyable moments you spent with your family or friends. Keep thinking of the place until you feel completely immersed in it.

9) Express your feelings with someone you trust. Tell them what you want, ask for their advice. If you want a solution, let others know your problem.

10) In order to overcome anger, you need to forgive your enemy. The longer you hold on to the grudge, the more painful emotions you will experience.

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