Top 5 Advises For Getting More Traffic To Your Blog

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Having a blog is good but it’s hard to build a successful blog with significant traffic. Increasing readership of your blog is not an easy task. At some point, each and every blogger faces the same issue. If you are willing to have your blog admired online then try few methods to increase blog traffic and soon you will find that dozens of new viewers reach each day.

1) Leave comments on other blogs

For building traffic to a blog start leaving comments on another blog. Try to spend 10-15 minutes reading and interacting on other blogs on your topic or surrounding topics, it will help you to know more about your topic that could spark ideas for your own blog. It will create a small doorway back to your own blog for the readers of that blog. Keep comment on the topic and let your comment shows that you will read the topic. Put a link to your blog in the comment so that it will be useful for those who follow.

2) Blog consistently

For a successful blog, consistency is very important. Make writing your habit. This is important, the moment you get the idea in your mind and you feel good about it, write down what you think. Never wait until you have enough time to write the post. If you miss that moment of being inspired, that article may never happen.

3) Write shorter post

Average blog readers stay 96 seconds per blog, so it’s better to keep blog post short. Shorter post allows you to write more posts and is better for generating readership. Write enough to comprehensively cover your topic and then stop. The general opinion seems to be that a page of at least 250 words is probably a reasonable length.

4) Guest posting on some other blog

Through guest posting, you will increase your relationships with the other bloggers. It is great for search engines as the host blogger must include a link to your blog in the post and these backlinks will raise the value of your blog to search engine. Guest post introduce you to the new people thereby help to increase traffic on the blog.

5) Share your content on social media

Post or share your content on twitter and facebook, tweet every day, share your link on facebook to catch the attention of the people. Create a facebook page and invite more people to join them. Respond the comments that your friend post on your content to increase the number of interaction per post.

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