Top 5 Advises To Overcome Procrastination


Procrastination strikes everyone, and once it gets a hold of you, it’s difficult to shake it off. When you see a highly productive person, you likely think of someone who focuses on the job and never gets procrastinated, but the reality is that productive people face the same procrastination challenges as the rest of us. The difference is that they beat procrastination by using calculated approach by understanding why they procrastinate and then apply strategies to beat it. So how do you stop procrastinating? You can begin by applying these five hacks to your life.

1) Revamp to-do list

Use a to-do list to organize and prioritize your tasks. Put the most important tasks that you need to carry out at the top and less important tasks at the bottom. By keeping such list, you make sure that your tasks are written down in one place, so you don’t forget anything important. The to-do list is essential if you are going to beat work overload, you will fill less stress, safe in the knowledge that you haven’t forgotten anything important. If you prioritize intelligently, you ‘ll focus time and energy on high-value activities and you become more productive.

2)  Identify your source of procrastination

There are so many different reasons why people get procrastinate. First, identify the reason why you are procrastinated so that you can attack it from the angle. Is there any problem with your job? The first you will want to work on is cultivating a positive attitude, start focusing on the job. Do you not have all the resources to complete the tasks? Then, in this case, you will need to spend time in gathering your resources. Once you gathered them store everything in one spot where you can easily access them. This will help you in overcoming procrastination.

3) Schedule time blocks

Create a schedule for yourself, break larger tasks into smaller one. Identify what time of day you have the highest energy and what time you have low, schedule tasks that take greater effort during high energy period. Schedule time out everyday for sleep, meals, social time and some exercise or relaxation time. Plan out weekly schedule hour by hour. Set a timer and working in bursts of 25 minutes with 5-minute breaks in between. It becomes much easier to work if you know you have a break coming up. You can also compete yourself to get more done during each work spree.

4) Take care of  yourself

When you find someone whose problem is greater than your own, you concentrate on things other than your problems and people find really strange ways to procrastinate. Take care of yourself by doing one thing that makes you happy every day. Develop your vision and goal. Find inspiration, by emailing people you admire. Read the biography of someone who matches your definition of success. Increase the space between your load and limits.

5) Reward  yourself

If you want to stop procrastinating, give yourself a reason to get back to work. Instead of beating yourself up for failing to meet your goal, ask yourself why you can’t do it? Set goals and then reward yourself for what you have done. Celebrate that you did it. Create physical rewards such as a nice cup of coffee or tea, reading a newspaper, going for a walk. The bigger challenge you achieve, the bigger reward you create. Filling your days with required tasks and rewards gives you something enjoyable to look forward to afterwards.

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