Top 5 Apps That Will Boost Your Productivity

Apps To Improve Poductivity

In this busy world, it is very important to use every moment in the most efficient way. Do more in less time has become our only moto. Computers have enabled us to do so. We can write reports, send emails, read the news and all that in much less time than before.

But now, we need our mobile phones to help us become even more efficient. With many new apps that are released every day, it’s hard to find the best apps that will actually get the job done. We have tried many apps for you, so that we can give you the top advises.

Therefore, we will suggest you here the top 5 apps that will certainly increase your productivity.


1. To-do list & Calendar ( iOS | Android )

With so many things going on in our mind, we can’t keep track of all things that need to be done. So you might consider using To-do list and set the reminders for your daily tasks. This app can be used for making a to-do list, grocery list, taking notes, and much more. It’s possible to set the reminders that will notify you about buying the milk when you are near the store. And if you are changing your devices frequently, can be synced across other devices also. So, make sure you don’t forget things anymore with this app.


2.   IFTTT ( iOS | Android )

Have you ever wanted to receive a notification in the morning when it’s going to rain that day? That and much more is now possible with this app. IFTTT allows you to connect other apps that are not usually connected, eg. weather app with Message app. You can connect IFTTT with other apps like Twitter, Instagram, Google Drive, Gmail, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Philips Hue and your phone. Turn down the volume of your ringtone when you are at work or turn the lights in your house when you are near it. There is no limit on what you can do. Just check the recipes that are available on IFTTT website.


3.   Swiftkey Keyboard  ( iOS | Android )

Maybe typing on the phone will never be as simple as on the real keyboard. This is probably the main reason why are we still using computers. But if you are using Swiftkey keyboard app then you know that typing can be really easy and error free. Swiftkey is a new type of keyboard that is very good at predicting your typing, based on your previous messages and social media you use. The app is always learning and also fixing any errors you might have made. It has the database of over 150 different languages, making it easy-to-use by almost anyone. Spend less time checking how you write and more on what you write.


4.   PDF to Word – Convert PDF to Word ( iOS | Android )

When working with PDFs daily, you might noticed that they are read-only files, meaning you can’t change a single word in the document. You need a PDF to Word converter app to turn PDF into an editable Word document. This app offers a great conversion quality with one of the best converting engines. OCR technology, which this app possess, allows even scanned PDFs to be converted. Today, most files are on cloud storages, rather than device memory so you can convert files from Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud and others, as well. Now you can convert files on the go.


5.   Scanbot – Scanner App ( iOS | Android )

If you often receive an email from your boss while you are out of the office, requesting you to send him the report as soon as possible, you better have this Scanbot app to scan the document, save it as PDF, and send it away. Fast and easy. With this app, you can also sign digital documents and add a real signature. It is like having a phone sized mobile scanner. It also has cloud integration so you can upload files to iCloud, Dropbox, Onedrive, and Google Drive. Or you can send the scanned document as Gmail attachment right away. Scanning has never been easier.

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