Top 5 Invoice Tools For Small Business


Managing a business involves keeping track of your finances. When you run your own business, the last things you need is to struggle with an invoice program. It’s not the process that should be ignored but a properly designed provide protection to both the parties. So in order to save your time and money, here we are discussing top 5 invoicing software.

1) FreshBooks

FreshBooks is not only for accounting but you can use it for billing as well as for invoicing. It monitors the status of invoices after you send them, and it lets you know when customers receive and view their invoices. FreshBook offers a variety of reports and you can use that reports for revenue, sales, time tracking and profit and loss. You can also print a hard copy of that report.

2) QuickBooks

It is an online platform and easy to use and navigate. You are not required to download any file, you can log in from any computer. Just enter your business and the software automatically applies relevant features. One of the important thing about QuickBook is that your customers sign into a personal portal via email where they can view their invoices and make payments. This software provides more than 40 different reports.


Zoho is one of the top software for billing and invoicing and to manage your customers, items. You can access from any computer as well as on your smartphones too. One of the important features is you can use multiple currencies for a single business, choosing from dozens of currencies from around the world. You can adjust description and prices without affecting the original one. Also, you can choose more than one invoices. Zoho has an internal, online spreadsheet in which you can work with your reports. You can choose from over 20 reports and specify the range of the dates, including previous months, time or a custom range.

4) Invoice2go

Invoice2go is a good choice if you need simple and easy to use the invoicing software without additional functions. Invoice2go provide you better option or editing and personalizing invoices. You can edit every line on the invoice, adjust its placement and can choose from over 40 fonts, 20 colors and 50 background images. You can also create your own company logo using clip art images. It provides the facilities to customize every element of the template.

5) SliQ Invoicing

SliQ provides more control and customization options than any other application. This software tracks product prices and notes, and you can opt to set up stock control, which helps when you need to reorder the item. It comes with customizing templates, you have complete control over every element on the pages. You have the option to set recurring transactions or set the entire invoice to recur.

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