Top 5 Ways To Overcome Shyness


Shyness is the feeling of lack of comfort and awkwardness when a person is surrounded by strangers. It is also referred as social Anxiety. It is most common in the person having low self-esteem. It is a type of behavior in which person can not take part actively and can’t able to express thoughts freely. So it is necessary to understand the reason behind it because it is truly holding you back. To overcome it you need to change your mental state and the way you deal with others but it takes time, effort and of course desire to change. So here we are discussing types of shyness and the ways to overcome it.

Types Of Shyness

Situational Shyness
Transitional Shyness
Permanent Shyness

  • Situational Shyness

Sometimes you come across situations for which you are not prepared mentally. This includes meeting strangers, facing opposite sex standing on stage, answering a question, or present a speech. In all situations, you feel shyness because you are never ready to tackle such situation before.

  • Transitional Shyness

Transitional Shyness is somehow related to change. When you experience a change in your life then you have such type of feeling because you may not be used to it or can’t able to accept this change quickly. This includes starting a new job, your first day in school, moving to a new house, moving to a new city etc.

  • Permanent Shyness

Permanent Shyness includes situations which we deal in our daily life like your social life, personality, life style, the way of talking, comparing yourself with others, your fear of rejection, perfectionism etc.

Ways To Overcome Shyness

1) Understand Your Shyness

Think about the root of your shyness i.e the situation when you feel shy. There may be many possibilities such as your weak self-image, low confidence etc. Sometimes you are labeled as shy by others, this mostly happened in your childhood and when you grow up, your personality remains the same. Make a list of situations that make you feel anxious.

2) Find Your Strength

We all have some unique qualities and have a different way of expressing our thoughts. Find your strength or something you are good and try to develop it. By knowing your strength, you are able to know yourself better which gives you confidence and helps you to overcome shyness. Make a list of all your positive qualities which always remind your strength.

3) Don’t Compare With Others

It is human nature to compare ourselves with others. No one is perfect in this world. We always compare our worst with their best. Comparing yourself to others will always cause you to regret what you aren’t. It will steal your joy and happiness. So always enjoy what you have and who you are.

4) Talk To A Stranger Daily

Introduce yourself to one new person each day. Try to find people who share an interest that you have and talk to them. Get more involved in the conversation and interact more socially. This is the only way to grow. Be talkative and express your thoughts in all areas of life. Start giving presentations or speech.

5) Accept Rejection

Rejection is a part of life and learning process. We all experience rejection in life but the main part is how you deal with this rejection. From every rejection, you learn some lesson and this lesson makes you stronger and helps you to make a better person. Rejection forces you to try again and again.

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