Top 6 Chatbot Platform Tools For Your Small Business


A chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation through artificial intelligence. They are used in dialog systems including customer service, call centers, e-commerce or information acquisition. All companies must maintain a strong online presence and chatbots are changing the way your audience interacts with you.

Chatbots are available in two types: First, that function based on rules and second that function based on A.I and they don’t require specific commands. Making a chatbot become easy with numerous advancements and tools being created to make the process easy.

Here are the 7 best platform tools for making chatbots for your business.

1) ChattyPeople

It is one of the best platforms for creating an AI chatbot on facebook. ChattyPeople works smoothly with facebook messenger and pushes your offer or deal to users on demand. It requires no coding and this feature makes it suitable for enterprise customers. Chatty People is 100% free to get started.


MEOKAY builds chatbots that upgrade the email marketing promoting. It is easy for both skilled developers and non-developers. You can create chatbots by following some easy steps and within minutes, you can create advanced dialogues for smooth conversations. Once you are done, link and launch your new chatbot.

3) Botsify

Botsify is another facebook chatbot platform. It provides features that everybody wants in a chatbot. Botsify offers several plugins which allow you to integrate your platform with chatbots such as via RSS Feed or JSON API. It allows you to know what your users have been talking about via simple integration with popular analytics platform, including

4) Beep Boop

Beep Boop is a hosting platform that is designed for developers looking to make apps for facebook messenger and slack specifically. Using Beep Boop you can see how people are interacting with your bot so you can make educated decisions about your integration. Your source code is managed through GitHub, so whatever language or framework you prefer is ok.

5) BotKit

BotKit is a powerful tool for creating and managing fantastic bots. It is the most popular open source toolkit for creating bots today. BotKit studio is an innovative web-based an environment that provides everything you need to create powerful bots. It provides you the tools needed to manage complex bot interactions from prototype to public launch.

6) Chatfuel

Chatfuel is another tool to build a facebook bot without coding. Whether you are a big publisher or a small agency, it’s suite of tools can make your audience’s chatbot experience rich and frictionless. Share info about your company and its services and even let users chat live with the manager. Set up notification for upcoming events, hot deals etc.

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