Top 6 Skills A Freelance Writer Should Possess

A freelance writer is one who works on a self-employed basis. They work either for just one magazine or work for several different publications at a time. There are plenty of vacancies online available in writing industry. But there are uncertainties and job insecurities in freelance writing because you never know when your next assignment will arrive, you have to remain active all the time. If you are a freelance web designer, you must have web designing skills. If you are a technical freelancer then you must have technology skills. In the same way, if you want to get paid for your writing, you must have good writing skills.

Here we are discussing some skills that a freelance should possess.

1) Find topic

It’s never easy to find topics to write upon. Many freelancers consider its difficult task. Pluck the ideas from what you have learned or experienced in your life so that it could be helpful to others too. Stay alert and pick up clues and turn it into something specific is a valuable skill.

2) Develop different writing skills

As a writer, you should know different writing skills. As lifestyle writing is conversational, your goal is to be engaging. Write an article like personal essays but in a case of formal copywriting, you may ask to write about a specific product including a definite number of links to other pages on your client’s website. It’s also beneficial to write for international audiences.

3) Stay organize

As you are your own boss, it doesn’t mean you take your work lightly. people hire only those who are sincere in their work and with a track record for turning things on time. In order to stay organized manage your earnings, project details, hire dates and deadline for completing your work. Set up reminders to keep track of all due dates.

4) Promoting yourself as a writer

A freelance writer should be an extrovert, it is essential to promote yourself, no matter how good writer you are unless others are not aware of your presence. Join writer’s forum to interact with others. Convince others how good you are, not only you need the confidence to get new clients, but you need to keep the current client satisfied.

5) Should have content marketing knowledge

You need to know what content attracts more audience. Headlines are important because readers never see your content if the headline doesn’t attract them. You should have the knowledge of social media marketing so that you can expand your visitors. Many companies are looking for social media marketer who can manage content and analytics side of social media marketing. So you can develop this skills in your spare time.

6) Be Thick-Skinned

A freelance writer should be able to handle every situation. Sometimes they have to face rejection and criticism. Stay positive, don’t lose hope if someone not satisfied with your work. If you do that then freelance writing probably not the best career for you.

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