Top 6 Ways To Stay Focused At Work

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Are you find it difficult to get focused at work? The reason behind it is that your mind wanders, you worry too much or you have so many things to do that can’t settle down and that’s why you get distracted easily and it makes you less productive. Your focus is in your hand, you can’t shutting out the world while you are busy. You have to improve your focus by finding right techniques and your priorities. Well here are some ways to stay focused at work.

1) Your environment

Your environment plays an important role in your ability to concentrate. If you are comfortable in your work environment it became easier for you to get focused. Start by ensuring that your chair and desk are at a right height to work. Viewing a natural scene can help to improve concentration. Shut out distraction as much as possible by listening instrumental music, it helps you focus better and stop other noise.

2) Take short breaks

Our mind can focus intensely on tasks for 8 hours a day. It can be better to divide your work into one-hour segments, with a 5-10 minute break between tasks. This short break will allow your mind to rest before focusing again.

3) Focus on one task at a time

Don’t do multiple tasks at the same time. It can be much harder to focus if you take mini breaks such as 15-30 seconds to answer e-mails, send a text message and take quick phone calls. It can take up 15 minutes for us to regain complete focus after a distraction.

4) Eat smart

Start your day with a healthy breakfast because it’s difficult to concentrate when you are hungry. You can also keep healthy snacks at your desk such as almonds, fresh fruits etc. Drink water as much as possible, as it can prevent you from dehydration, which makes you feel tired, irritable and even sick.

5) Prioritize the tasks

Make a to-do list of your work. Put all the challenging tasks during the first hour. Do important work first, such method makes you stay focused at work, without spending precious time on doing tasks you don’t like.

6) Practice meditation

Of course, as everyone knows, meditation not only keeps your mind fresh but also helps to improve your concentration. Practice meditation daily, focusing on your breathing and air, how it touch nostrils and upper lips. whenever you find yourself drifting to other thoughts, bring your mind back to focusing on the breathing and you will find yourself get focused.

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