Top 5 WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

Today, most of the persons are confused on how to increase the subscriber. A strong email list increases the traffic and used to target audience easily. It not only generate traffic but also provide profit to the business person. A powerful email list also makes a strong bond with your audience. But here the question arises how do you get this email list? Buying it is not a good idea and building a good list takes time. There is a number of plugins available in the market, that makes it easy to add a form on your WordPress powered website.

Here we are discussing some best list building plugins that can help you to get more email subscriber.

1) Thriveleads

Thriveleads is one of the most impressive lists building plugin in the market right now. It has all the feature that you need to build a list of email subscribers. You can create many opt-in forms and can use the drag and drop editor to customize them as you want. It comes with many features. Smart Links feature allows you to show a different call to action to your existing subscriber. Digital asset delivery allows you to send your new subscriber a PDF or free download for signing up. The content upgrade template feature will deliver impressive conversions. Other features include advanced opt-in form targeting options, split testing functionality, actionable reporting, support shortcut placement etc.

2) Bloom

Bloom is another list building plugin for WordPress which can be used to add various opt-in form types such as popovers, below post, inline and widgets. With 16 premium marketing software makes the bloom plugin one of the best choices to build a trusted subscriber list. You can also use it as a content locking plugin. Like thrive leads, it also provide multiple opt-in form types and its other feature include a large selection of templates, page level targeting, import/export plugin features.

3) OptinMonster

It is specially designed for the professionals and is now a cloud-based app. All your opt-in forms are managed from one location which gives you a great overview. You can now use it not only on WordPress but also on any HTML-based website. It’s new yes/no feature give you the facility to display yes/no style button instead of displaying an opt-in form. It has a feature of advanced display rule that allows you to choose when and how to display your opt-in forms. Other features include exit intent feature, the ability to add custom CSS and a great selection of templates.

4) SumoMe

SumoMe is a free plugin for displaying popups for WordPress. You have to download the plugin from its website. After installation, register with sumoMe. You can also able to create lightbox popups and also able to set sumoMe to show popup when users are leaving your site. It is very easy to set up.

5) Leadpages

It allows you to create high converting landing pages, email subscription pages and thank you pages within minutes. They offer manuals to help you get started. It offers many other features such as unlimited domains, built-in split testing, digital asset delivery, supports all major mailing list provider.

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Top 5 WordPress Email Subscription Plugins

Today, most of the persons are confused on how to increase the...
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