Top 7 Advises To Boost Your Home Wi-Fi Network


Wi-Fi is one of the important technology of the computer network. It allows users to connect to the internet without the wires. The Internet and Wi-Fi access are highly important to us today and completely essential to our day to day living. But what is more annoying is paying for a faster broadband plan and still getting slow internet. It’s frustrating when your network gets slow down while doing some important work. If you have come across this types of problems, here we are discussing 7 hacks by which you can boost your home Wi-Fi network.

1) Use the latest technology

Your router connects all your computers to one another. Wireless routers can only reach so far i.e if you have a big house and your router is kept on one part of the house then you might not be able to access the network from the other part. You need to use a router with a higher range. One way to make sure your network is as fast as possible is to use updated hardware. The latest Wi-Fi standard is 802.11ac. It is a supercharged version of 802.11n. It delivers speeds ranging from 433Mbps up to several gigabits per second.

2) Position the router right

The position of router affects its speed. The ideal location of a router is the center of your home so that it can be accessible from every corner of the house. Avoid to place it in cupboards or on the floor. Walls, doors and other obstructions near your router will interfere your signals. Routers tend to spread signals downward, so it’s better to keep the router higher.

3) Keep router away from other electronics

Sometimes people kept router on the top of television boxes, refrigerator or any other electronics. Avoid the contact of the router with these electronic devices because the other device may emit other forms of electromagnetic waves which get interfere with router Wi-Fi waves and slow down the signals.

4) Reposition the antennas

Basically, routers come with two types of antennas, internal or external. If your router has two antennas position them perpendicularly i.e one is vertically and other is horizontal. If you are regularly using Wi-Fi with laptops then position the antenna in a horizontal manner as the Wi-Fi radios inside a laptop are placed horizontally. You may change the position of the antennas according to the device you are using.

5) Choose your frequency wisely

There are two kinds of Wi-Fi available i.e 2.4GHz, the older standard and 5 GHz, the newer version. If you have a lot of electronics in your home then 2.4GHz spectrum can get crowded, Bluetooth devices, microwaves, and other wireless peripherals cause a lot of noise in the 2.4GHz spectrum. To cut down these noise switch to the 5GHz spectrum.

6) Use a repeater

The repeater is a device that is used to extend transmissions so that it can cover longer distances.Wi-Fi waves are of the shorter wavelength and limited to 150 meters. If you need more range, then turn the old router into a repeater with a little bit programming or buy a Wi-Fi repeater. It will extend your network.

7) Change password routinely

Protect your home network by changing the password regularly. As we all have a habit to share the password with relatives, friends whenever they visit. Connecting so many devices to your Wi-Fi slow down its speed. To improve the security of your Wi-Fi choose a strong password that is difficult to guess and change it on regular basis.

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