Top 7 Advises To Secure Your Cloud Data


We all know the importance of our data. It is not always possible to bring your hard disk or thumb drive with you. As we are living in a digital world, so instead of storing your data physically, you can use cloud storage to store your data. It is the safest place and provides the facility to store your data which can be easily accessed whenever required. There are many companies which provide cloud storage and also ensures the security of your data. But with the increase of cyber attacks, there has been a big question regarding the security of data. So here we are discussing some ways by which you can secure data in the cloud.

1) Encrypt your data

Encrypt your data before uploading. If you are not using a cloud service that will help you to encrypt your data then there are much third-party software available in the market which is easy to use. Just download the cloud protection app and generate secret key sequences for your files before uploading.

2) Read the terms of service

Before going to use any cloud services, you should read their terms and conditions first. It helps you to better understand the services provided by them. Check reviews which help you to find out more security aspects of the company’s services.

3) Use strong password

To make your cloud storage account secure, choose a strong password. Don’t use a common phrase, mobile number or birth date because these type of password easily get hacked. Hackers use social engineering to figure out your password.

4) Don’t store sensitive information

Keep only those files which you need to access frequently. It is better to use cloud storage services for storing music, videos, images, and documents. But avoid storing files that contain your personal details such as your credit card details or account details so that you don’t have to worry in case your account gets hacked.

5) Backup your data

In order to manage your data, it is not enough to keep it on the cloud alone. To secure your data it is good to backup your data at some other place too such as on your device or on an external hard drive. So that you will still be able to access them even if the original is lost or has been corrupted.

6) Disable automatic uploading

There are some devices which automatically backup your data or store information in remote servers. If you are worried about your information falling into the hands of malicious parties then you can prevent it by disabling the automatic backup settings on your devices.

7) Use anti-virus and anti-spy

Instead of using a trusted cloud service provider, you still need to worry about the protection of your data but it can’t be possible without proper protection of your system unless you can use a good antivirus or an antispy. Remember a safe device provide you a safe and clean cloud storage.

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