Top 7 Advises To Stay Calm In Difficult Situation

Our life is full of challenges and struggle. In this struggle full life, every person comes across many types of stress. Actually, it becomes a part of life. Sometimes it proved to be good because it challenges us and helps us to grow. But if it remains for a long time in your life then it could become chronic. Stress not only affects our body but also our thoughts, feeling, and behavior. If you are dealing with stress for a long term then it can lead to many health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, headache, restlessness, irritability etc.

So in order to overcome all these problems, it is necessary to stay calm in the stressful situation. Here we are discussing some ways which help you to overcome stress and keeps you calm in difficult situations.

1) Identify the cause of stress

We are facing different situations in our daily life. You may be affected by different types of stress either it may be a work stress, life stress or sometimes it may be just due to worrying about things which come from inside. Identify the cause of your stress. Work stress includes heavy workload, too many responsibilities, long working hours, dissatisfaction with the job, lose the support of your colleagues etc. Life stress includes the death of loved ones, getting married, sick family member, emotional problems, theft, violence against you or your loved ones etc.

2) Stay Positive

Learn to stay positive, it will help you to stay calm in your tough times. No matter how stressful is the situation, there is always some positive in it. It is our willingness to see brighter side instead of dark areas. Try to understand the situation and find opportunities to overcome obstacles. Be confident and stay positive is the only way to keep calm yourself in stressful situations.

3) Do Exercise or Meditation

Meditation helps to stay relaxed through our day to day stresses. Make it habit to do meditation 15 minutes daily. Exercise is another way to boost your mood while doing it your body releases a natural chemicals endorphins that make you feel happy and calm. Whenever you feel stressed, your muscles get tight so try to relax your muscles by using some PMR (progressive muscle relaxation) techniques.

4) Call a trusted person

Another way to get out of stress is to ask for help with the people in your network. Talk to a person whom you trusted and to whom you describe your situation freely because only that person can understand the problem you are facing and help you out. By feeling that there is someone with you is a great way to stay calm.

5) Avoid caffeine

It is a common ingredient found in a variety of beverages and has been consumed to increase concentration and alertness. No doubt it has many benefits when taken in small quantity but when taken excessively it can result in irritability, anxiety, fatigue, and depression. So avoid caffeine in a stressful situation and drink water to hydrate yourself in such situation.

6) Drink green tea

A research shows that drinking 5 cups of green tea or more helps to reduce stress up to 20%. It contains L-theanine which is a type of amino acid found in green tea which helps to relax the brain and reduce anxiety.

7) Listen to music

It is one of an effective stress management tool. Listening to music have a great effect on our physiological functions and help to decrease the level of stress hormones. It can refresh your mood. Music absorbs your attention and distracts you from the stressful situation. A research shows that listening to music can change your brain functioning same as medication.

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