Top 7 Productive Things You Can Do During Your Idle Times

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When you try to become more productive, you don’t get it by mere willpower. The most productive person is more effective not because they have more time during the day, but they make the best use of their spare time too. Throughout the day we all have idle time, where we are either simply sitting or standing still. Productivity is based on your time management skill. So instead to drift out your idle time, try to make great use of it. We have come up with some productive things that you can do during your idle time.

1) Listen to audio-books

Knowledge is power, but you can’t carry a book everywhere you go. By using audio books or by using some apps like audio or audible, you can not only have someone to read a book for you but also can improve your reading skills, and it will help to increase your knowledge. One of the main advantages of audio books is that you can pace the information you consume.

2) Play brain activity games
Another way to make use of your time is to play brain activity game. There are some apps that provide you with brain activity games. It is the most common way of learning. The most common mind games are Sudoku and chess. The purpose of these games is to improve your memory, thinking, reaction time and cognitive ability. By simply playing these games you can help avoid memory loss and degeneration by continuing to work your brain and keep it sharp.

3) Learn a language

It is common to hear people saying that they have no spare time to learn a foreign language. Many people need help to better manage time to learn a new language more effectively and quickly. Now, learning a new language not involve in-person meeting, there are many communication tools like Skype or Google hangout’s that make it possible to connect us with professionals, and native speaking teachers around the world.

4) Write down your goals

There are many people who don’t write their goal down, and as a result accomplish little in their life, on the other hand, there are people who have clearly written their goals and accomplished much more than their expectation. There are many people who achieve greatness because they take the time to set goals and works towards the achievement of those goals until they are completed. So if you are not writing your goal yet, you can start today during your spare time.

5) Catch up with an old friend

Loneliness is very dangerous than obesity as it will increase the risk of suicide for young as well as old. Lonely individuals report higher levels of stress. Everyone of us has felt loneliness in one form or another, so keep in touch with your old friends whenever you get free time as it will decrease your stress and refresh your mind.

6) Finish up 2-minute tasks

Everyone of us has these tiny tasks that need to get done, but we can’t schedule them in our priority list since we have more important tasks to finish. It is sending an email, booking tickets, reorganizing your schedule for week whatever may be the task is, create a list of such tasks and get it done in 2 minutes.

7) Reach out to a mentor

In everyone life there is someone whom you admire, the right mentor will always guide you the right path of success. A mentor is someone with whom you share your goals and the way to achieve it. So create a list of such people whom you want to meet during your spare time.

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