Top 8 Advises To Improve Your Email Marketing Performance


Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to convert prospects, as well as existing customers into sales and revenue. Email marketing is significantly cheaper and faster than traditional mail, mainly because of high cost and time required in a traditional mail campaign for producing the artwork, printing, addressing and mailing. It carries the benefit of allowing marketers to immediately identify returns to investment and therefore measure and improve efficiency. Here are eight ways to get more out of your email marketing efforts.

1) Scrub and verify your email list regularly

When someone is adding his or her email address to your list, it might be possible that they make a mistake or provide a fake email address. This can have a negative effect on your performance as it gets a bounce or go directly into spam or get you labelled as a spammer. So to get rid of this problem run your list through a verification service on a regular basis to make sure that you are always working with the accurate list.

2) Segment your email list

You have a subscriber who is interested in different types of emails such as coupons, events or news but not necessarily all three. So it’s important to segment your email list to make sure that you are sending an email of their interest. For example, if you offer discounts for students or retirees, manage the list according to the age group. If have a press release, email it to a dedicated media.

3) Make sure your emails are mobile friendly

Researchers show that 71 percent of people will delete an email immediately if it is not displayed correctly. To avoid your email being sent directly to the trash, it’s important to focus on creating mobile-optimized email content that is eye-catching. Use a single column design that works well with the vertical scroll. Use big images and bold headlines with plenty of white space for easy scanning. Keep your subject line short. You can use some email marketing services that allow you to test how your message look like in a variety of devices and different inboxes.

4) Use emojis in your subject line

Now a days emojis are used everywhere. They are the effective way of communication. Using Emojis, your subject lines are getting a lot more expressive and making appearances in recipient inbox. As marketers, we have to deal with many different email clients, so it’s important to know that your emojis may look different in the different clients because we can’t force all the email clients to play nice and render our emails the same way.

5) Test multiple deployment time

The worst thing you can do is send off your email to your email list and assuming that they all are reading it. So it’s better to experiment with different deployment times. Sending the message to half of your list early morning and to the remaining in the evening. For example, if your evening open rates are higher, break your next email into several different times in the evening to have better performance.

6) Build a double opt-in list

There are several reasons why double opt necessary; it confirms that the person who entered their email address actually wants to subscribe to the list. If this further confirmation is not present, then any person could enter any email address to sign up any other person. A double opt-in list is extremely important for keeping the quality of your email list high.

7) Personalise the email to each recipient

Personalising your emails around your contacts can be vital to their engagement with your content. Personalization, when done right, can both encourage contacts to open the emails and get interact with the content on the inside. Start with the basics, like adding first names to the subject lines or add “Hi” can help to engage the reader enough to get them to read your offer.

8) Have a clear call to action

One of the biggest mistakes in email marketing is not having clearly defined calls to action, if the reader didn’t determine what they are expected to do within 5 seconds, there would be chances they will delete your email. So it’s necessary to have one clearly defined call to action if it doesn’t  then you are going to experience minimal results. Your subscriber doesn’t have time to read long emails, try to determine what you want them to do or what exactly the offer is.

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