Top 8 Advises To Keep You Organized

get organised

Life can be so hectic these days. No one likes staying disorganized. Organized people are not born organized but they have to develop healthy habits, which help them to stay organized. If disorganization is congesting your life and you feel frustrated, then it’s the time to get organized. To achieve organization you have to do something from inside. planning your approach and know what to do. The organization takes time but when you get into the habit of it, life becomes so much easier. Here are essential 8 habits to keep your life in order.

1) Write down things

Life is so busy and sometimes it’s not easy to remember everything. So it’s a better option to write the things down. Write down everything such as important dates likes meeting, anniversary and birthdays, shopping list, home decore and people’s name.

2) Make schedules and deadlines

Organized people don’t waste time. They make a schedule for each plan and make deadlines to complete it. So write down things you want to achieve in a year or in your life and set a deadline to complete it, also write down what you need to do to achieve them.

3) Keep only what you need

Collect only those things which you really need. People who live organized life only keep things they need. Avoid keeping unnecessary items. List all the things you already have before buying new things. In this way, you can better organize your stuff.

4) Give everything a place

Most of the time we come across the situation when we can’t get things or we forget after placing them. Organized people keep their things in proper place. Label things you need all the time and put them in a proper place so that you find them quickly. If there are scattered items, then group them together.

5) Don’t procrastinate

The longer you wait to do something, it becomes more difficult to get it done. If you want your life to be less stressful then don’t leave any work for tomorrow, do it today. Putting the efforts to get things done as soon as possible. Write down the work to be done first and what you need to get it done.

6)  Make back-ups of everything

Back up your computer files and photos regularly. Scan and put your IDs, passport and bank details in a secured folder on your computer. Put your financial records and other insurance paper in a safe place.

7)  Clean up regularly

The best way to remain organized is to allot certain hours of the day to de- cluttering and cleaning up. Give 15 to 30 minutes daily to clean your home. Throw out extra items which have no use.

8) Recycle and Donate

If your bags are full of unopened clothes or if you have any other item which you never use then donate it to some charity or sell them. Give your old books to some needy person.

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