Top 8 Blogging Tools To Help You Work Faster

blogging tools
Blogging is not easy, in order to write a new blog post you may have to do some research then put your thoughts together, add necessary images, doing SEO and then share it on social media so that others can read and share it. All these steps are time-consuming and you need to plan it on daily basis. But now with the increasing use of technology, these process does not have to be difficult anymore.

There are some tools and applications which make blogging easier. Here we are discussing few of them.

1) Read-it-later

There are some tools which are great time savers as you can easily save web pages, images, files while you are reading or browsing. You can just save it in a single click as well as storing and organizing all your ideas. Read-it-later is one of them by which you can save items from computer or mobile device and can be easily accessed whenever required from anywhere for online or offline reading.

2) Evernote

It is another time-saving tool by which you can easily capture web pages, text and even voice notes. You can able to access it from anywhere anytime via computer or mobile. It provides you fast searching even text within images.

3) Window Live Writer

It is one of the most popular blog editors for the Windows. You can create a new blog post as well as edit the previous one and can be able to see how your post looks like after publishing. It provides you more than 100 plugins that can be used to add more features and increasing functionality. It is free to use.

4) Blogjet

It is considered as the most advanced Windows blog editor which gives you a facility to add flickr images, Youtube videos, and file attachments. It works with numerous blogging formats. Like Windows Live Writer it is not free to use but it provides free demo version.

5) Zemanta

This tool helps you to create your content quicker and more interesting to your readers. Zemanta will analyze your words while you are typing in your blog editor and suggest you images, links and related articles for your content. It provides you millions of images to use with proper licensing.

6) Pixlr Grabber

If you are looking for easy way to grab screenshots for your posts without downloading any software then Pixlr Grabber is the best option for you. It comes with the feature to copy, save, edit and share screenshots from the web. You can only able to grab visible part of the page then you need to share it on either or save it to your desktop. You can easily drag and drop it to your blog post from the desktop.

7) SEO Book

It provides a large option of free and premium SEO tools for bloggers. It offers range from firefox extension to web-based tools. They also have numerous tips and articles which can help you to properly optimize your blog and to increase your traffic as well as ranking.

8) Shareaholic

After writing and publishing a post, sharing is a big task. But Shareaholic makes it easy for you and others to share post over the social media. It is the best tool to help you grow your website. It also provides you with the facility to know who is sharing your content and through which channel.

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