Top 8 Static Site Generators For Bloggers

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A static site generator takes source file and generates a completely static HTML- based website. Static sites have grown rapidly because of its simplicity, security, and benefits. One of the biggest  benefit of static site generator is definitely speed. They are flexible and provide 100% control over web pages and your content.

Other platforms such as WordPress are used by millions of people and that’s why they are the common target for hackers but a static site has little server-side functionality so it’s not easy to access it by scripting or by database security hole.There is many static site generators are available. We are discussing here some best 8 static site generators.

1) Jekyll

Jekyll is a simple, blog-aware, static site generator that transforms your plain text into static websites and blogs. It takes your content and liquid templates and split out a complete static a website which can be easily served by another web server. You can use it to host sites from your GitHub repositories.

2) Hugo

Hugo is one of the most popular open-source site generators and it is world’s fastest framework for building websites. It creates websites in less than a second. Hugo shortcodes allow for both beauty and flexibility. It also supports unlimited content types, menus, dynamic API-driven content without plugins. It has common patterns which make your work done quickly.

3) Hexo

Hexo is a simple, fast and powerful blog framework. It takes seconds to build hundreds of files. To deploy your site to GitHub you need only one command. It has a powerful plugin system. It provides you many simple, responsive and beautiful themes.

4) GitBook

It is different from your standard static web tool. GitBook is a command line tool by which you can build beautiful books using GitHub/Git. You can easily create and format content quickly with an editor reminiscent of Google Docs.

5) Pelican

Pelican is a static site generator developed in python. It supports reStructuredText, Markdown, and AsciiDoc formates. It provides a complete static output which is easy to host anywhere. You can easily publish your content in multiple languages. It has modular plugin system and comes with corresponding plugin repository.

6) Metalsmith

It is simple and pluggable static site generator. It takes information from the source directory and writes it into the destination directory. As every manipulation is done by plugins, the only thing that metalsmith has to do is to provide logic for manipulations and interface for the plugins. That’s why it is called simple site generator. The plugin’s interface is easy to understand.

7) Middleman

Middleman is a static site generator which creates static websites by using shortcuts and tools. By running just one command you can export the site in ready format. If you want something flexible then it is one of the best tools for you.

8) MkDocs

MkDocs builds complete static HTML sites which can be a host on GitHub pages or anywhere you choose. It is a simple and fast site generator used to build project documentation. The built-in-dev-server allows you to preview your documentation. You can give a great look to your documentation by customizing the theme.

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