Top Advises To Build Your Business By Connecting With Influencers On Twitter


Every business owner looks for something to boost their market share and tried to find new audiences for their products and services to stay profitable. Twitter offers a unique way to get connected with the people and to grow your business. It provides the way to reach new people by connecting with an influencer who can share with their followers. Following are the ways for the connection with twitter influencer.

1)  Find the right people to follow

If you already have someone in your mind, find them by using the search box. If you are looking for someone you are interested in or who are located near you then try these sites such as, or As you follow more people, you can get their updates. One way to make information easier is to divide them into lists, by just clicking on  “Create a list” and follow the steps. You can use these lists for a variety of purpose.

2)  Engage with influencers

Engaging on any social media is similar to engaging in a person in an event but it takes time because you are connecting virtually and creating a virtual relationship. So if you are looking to build a group of influencers, then consider the following steps.

Everyone loves followers, so follow your influencers.
Share their content, be selective and make sure it’s interesting to your followers.
Write a thoughtful and short comment and like their content.
Post a comment on their blog and follow their blog.
Don’t direct messaging them, if they really want a network with you, they will make the effort to find your email address.

3) Don’t just engage when you want something

Many people just engaged when they want something, don’t do that. It’s always good to get engaged with them on regular basis. Sharing their content in a thoughtful way tells your influencer that you are engaged with them, you are reading their tweet /blog.

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