Top Advises To Before Sleeping For Better Health

Before Sleeping For Better Health

Before going to sleep there are so many activities that makes you help out for the perfect sleep and Health …

You just need to follow the some step before to sleep. For the healthy life or the healthy sleep just need to do some efforts and spare some time for you..

There are some activities that you could done before go to sleep.. And sleep are most important activity of our life, if we couldn’t sleep properly then our body get tired and restless..

Exercise help to improve your health as well as to sleep.. Before going to bed take exercise with in 3 hours them go to bed.. It will decrease your stress , sweat your body and relax your mind as well.

Watch TV and surf the net

Watching TV and surf the net is one of the technique which tired our mind.. The light of tv and screen effects the hormones which reduce the sleeping effect.. So before going to bed shut out your screen and switch of your tv..

Take hot water shower

Hot water shower make you relax and fall asleep as exercise do.. Hot water shower to make your body relax and fall you asleep peacefully.. If your body is overheated or too much chilled then little hot water shower help you out to relax.

Drink lot of liquid

A lot of liquid help to fall asleep before going to bed just take lot of liquid before one an hour to sleep,… But caffeine and alcohol both create difficulty to fall asleep..
You shouldn’t go to thirsty while going to bed.. If you feel thirsty in the middle of the night then drink water and go to sleep again..

Read engrossing story

Before going to bed read something boring and difficult stories, it makes you fall asleep.. Interesting stories and funny stories never make you fall asleep.. It helps to awaken your mind and make it fresh so never go for the interesting story before going to sleep…

Serious conversation before sleeping

Never get angry while sleeping, because in anger your mind never get relax and you will not able to fall sleep .. A deep conversation with your life partner and your parents or with your friends helps to get relax.. Or give the relaxation of mind..

Don’t panic

Don’t panic if you are insomniac.. In this fast growing society and more work load, and lots of stress cause the insomnia.. Excessive consumption of alcohol and coffee, caffeine also reduce your sleep… You have to be change your drinking habits of coffee in the daily routine.. Just have one cup of coffee in morning and one in evening.. No more then that..

Do some relaxation exercise

Taking a few times to do some short exercise before going to bed.. It may help you to fall asleep as soon as possible.. And will relax your mind..

Here we provide short exercise
1st step : Close your eyes, and systematically address every part of your body.

2nd step: Start at your scalp and move toward your toes. Begin by softening your forehead, eyes, face, and jaw.

3rd step: Tensing and then releasing each muscle group help tight muscles loosen, especially those in the neck and shoulders.

4th step: Continue giving attention to each area of your body—the arms, the trunk, and the legs—until you reach your toes.

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