Top Advises To Stay Healthy In Winter


Winter is a busy and festive season of the year, it’s also a time when more people are getting sick. Cold temperature shrinks blood vessels and reduces blood flow. This could weaken your immune system. When the temperature goes down viruses and bacteria grow well and they can easily affect your body. So following tips will help you and your family to stay well during the cold and dark month of winter.

1) Increase Immunity

It is important to a take care of your health throughout the year but it is essential during winter. Eating well, take enough sleep and staying active are all important during winter. Trying to absorb sufficient sunlight for vitamin D. Take food rich in carbohydrate such as potato, pasta rice are few name. Drink more water to stay hydrated. Making soups or curries with seasonal veg. Oily fish is a great source of omega -3 fatty acids. Beans and pulses are rich in fiber that keep you active longer

2) Keep moving

Doing exercise and get a short walk during winter will help to keep you warm as well as fit and healthy. Warm yourself before doing exercise as it can loosen up your joints in the cold weather.

3) Keep stress to a minimum

A stressed person is more likely to catch colds and flu. So minimize your stress by working reasonable hours at your job. Spend some time with your family or friends to reduce stress or do the work which makes you happy. Stay connected, socializing helps to strengthen your immune system.

4) Scrub up & get enough sleep

Frequent washing your hand is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and spreading illness. Always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you as it limits the transfer of bacteria and virus. Take sufficient sleep, an average person needs 6-8 hours of sleep per night. If you are not getting enough sleep, your body gets easily vulnerable to illness.

5) Keep skin healthy
Cold weather can affect your skin and makes it dry and itchy. Using moisturizers daily help to keep the skin moist. Use supplements of vitamin E or garlic help to assist blood circulation. All the things which are made of different types of sugars such as bread, store bought fruit juice effect your immune system, if possible avoid them.

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