Top 5 Advises To Start A Successful Blog


Blogging has become a real social phenomenon over the past few years. It makes easy for anyone to become an online publisher and it will increase your presence on the web. Lots of people try to earn money online, but only a few gets success. It is one of the best career opportunity now a days. It requires dedication and hard work. So these six advises help you to start a successful blog.

1) Get some hosting

If you want to run a blog you need hosting. There are many bloggers that don’t have enough resources to purchase a dedicated domain for their work. So if you are one of these bloggers, you should also try free blogging platforms such as Weebly and Tumblr. But instead of using them it’s better to invest in your own hosting and URL name because such website reserves the right to remove your content anytime.

2) Buy a Domain Name

Having a domain name is the way to get exposure for your business. You need to select a unique domain name that is topic relevant, a name that describes your blog’s general topic. After you have chosen a domain name, you need to submit your domain name registration request to a registrar. They will send your information to the registry. The registry add your domain zone files to the master servers. These master servers tell other servers on the internet where your website is stored and your the domain is considered registered as soon as all the information gets updated.

3) Connect The Hosting And the Domain

Your placeholder in the world wide web is your URL, and you have to connect it to the server where your blog’s files and content gets stored. Domain name can be pointed to their servers using “Domain name Server”. While singing up for hosting you will receive an email containing Name Server information, you have to sign in to your URL and fulfill the information.

4) Decide the topic

For a successful blog, it is important to know readers choice. The main task is selecting the topic for your blog in a way that your readers know and are familiar with. Choose a subject that genuinely interests you because it is you who will have to do the writing for the blog.

5) Getting started with WordPress and

It is a free and open source management system. You need to install WordPress before get to create content for your WordPress blog. It comes with many features such as plugins that allow you to extend the functionality of a website or blog; you can install and switch between different themes. Automatic filters are also included, providing formatting and styling of text.

Blogger is different as compare with WordPress. You can create a unique and beautiful blog. It allows XML web code in the blogger editor, which include javascript, HTML and CSS. It also provides .blogspot domain free of charge. Blogger comes with the features including label organization, a drag and drops template editing interface and web feed options. We don’t need Web hosting server here.

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