Top Mobile Apps That Manage Your Online Store

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Many of you are running an online business and know it very well that there is never a finish line in that work. More than 50% of consumers doing their shopping online nowadays, it’s important to keep a close eye on your store’s operations and for this, you need to work even when you are away. E-commerce provides you the freedom to work from anywhere you want so that your work could not get disturbed. There is a collection of tools that manage your online store easily. Here we are discussing some of them.

1) MailChimp

MailChimp is the world’s leading email marketing platform. It makes easy for businesses to showcase your product with style, suggest items, and recapture lost sales. You can send e-mail easily using MailChimp as it provides you with major e-commerce provider.

2) Buffer

The buffer is the most powerful social media tool. Buffer schedule, publish and analyze all your posts in one place and save your time in managing your social media. Buffer shares your content at the best possible times throughout the day so that your followers and fans see your updates more often. It provides the facility to customize each account by posting the same message to each of them.

3) Mint

Mint keep track of all your finances in one place. You can create a budget that makes sense today and set up for success to tomorrow. You can see money and bill together, so you know what’s due. Receive alert for unusual account charges, and get custom tips for reducing fees and saving money. Get your free credit score and learn how you can improve it now to get things you want later.

4) Wanelo

Wanelo is like an online shopping mall. It brings product feeds together in one place and makes it easier for consumers to discover and engage with smaller, independent brands in beautiful, user-friendly way. It provides new ideas for your business.

5) Mention

Mention is a real-time media monitoring. Monitor your products, customers, brands, campaigns, industry online from anywhere. It can provide live updates about your brand. Simply research which keywords or brand you want to track. You will receive a notification when someone uses the keywords you selected.

6) Google Analytics

Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the internet. It monitors your site traffic. It helps to improve your business by finding more users and boost sales. Google Analytics allows you to seamlessly activate your data to improve marketing campaign and experiment with new channels and content. It provides a single comprehensive view of the customer.

7) Hootsuite

Hootsuite allows you to manage all your social media in one place. It tracks messages and protects your brand on social media. It provides profile protection and access controls guard against hackers and other external threats.

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